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We develop and implement information and analytical systems and retail-technologies with the aim of increasing the competitive edge of our clients in the retail market.

FIT — from solution to the result

The FIT company has been active in the retail information technology market in Russia and Belarus for about 30 years and currently remains one of the most recognized leaders in the field of complex automation of retail chains of supermarkets and hypermarkets.


We develop and improve information systems and technologies related to merchandising management in retail chains for optimization of functioning of supply chains of goods and services that will increase the profitability of your business.

Our development — the information system for merchandise management automation in retail chains — GESTORI Pro, software packages for automation of cash operations (front-office) — «POS-FIT-FR», as well as the information-analytical system of class BI — DiAna: Digital Analytics Pro — are highly praised by retail chain operators and remain some of the most popular and highly demanded systems in the Russian market. As demonstrated by the rating provided by the largest retail chain in Russia, INFOLine Retail Russia TOP-100 2015, the GESTORI Pro system occupies a leading position based on the number of users: each fourth Russian retail chain of FMCG and DIY among the 70 leading companies in the industry utilizes this FIT software package.
The arsenal of FIT implemented systems and technologies includes the most innovative IT solutions for the retail sector: from self-checkout systems (SCO) to consulting products that help identify trends in consumer preferences for assortment optimization. We have integrated our own front-office software systems with SCO software packages for the two leading self-checkout manufacturers in the world — NCR and Fujitsu. In 2012, we were the first company to implement this innovative solution for a Russian retail chain.

Since we partner with the world’s largest manufacturers, we are proud to be the ones to supply the whole range of specialized IT equipment for the retail sector. The FIT company is an authorized solutions provider of the PREMIER level (the highest partnership status) for the NCR Corporation and carries out sales, as well as implementation of the full range of NCR solutions for retail trade, which include:
NCR equipment and software are utilized by the leading global retail chains, including: Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Metro, Ahold, Target, Home Depot, Tesco and other TOP-100 world retail companies. In the Russian market, NCR is used by  such major retail operators as Magnit, X5 Retail Group, Auchan, Globus, Maxidrom, Monetka, Perekrestok, Polyana, and many others.

Service support for all delivered equipment is carried out by a network of service centers — Technical Support Centers (ТSC), which FIT actively develops all over the country as an applicant of the State register of the whole range of models of NCR and Omron POS-systems.


Among FIT’s clients are over 1,000 retail trade companies of Russia and Belarus, one hundred of which are large supermarket and hypermarket chains, including LINIYA, KIROVSKIY, MAXIDOM, MAGNOLIA, FIX PRICE, MONETKA, AVOSKA, EYEKRAFT, NATURA SIBERICA, RING, and many others.

Many times the FIT company received the Golden Scales award as the best company for automation of supermarket and hypermarket chains in the segments of food, DIY, drogerie and others. The national professional Golden Scales award is the highest professional award of the Russian Federation for outstanding achievements in the field of automation and equipping of trade enterprises.  

In 2010, BI-system DiAna: Digital Analytics Pro became the winner of the PC Magazine / RE Best Apps 2010 review. The editors have recognized that this product, developed by FIT, was among the most relevant, interesting and high-quality developments of 2010, which had a great influence on its market segment, establishing new standards for quality and functionality.


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